The Coffee Story – by Pages and Coffee

For majority, there is no chance of a head start without a cup of coffee, it has become such, that coffee plays the center stage in Colombo’s café culture. Why do we thrive on coffee? is it just to be caffeinated or is there more to it?  Just as much as you know your favourite coffee, lets dig into some history from the bean.

Coffee dates back in time to the 15th century. The earliest evidence of coffee or knowledge of the coffee tree is from the 15th century in monasteries in Yemen. Spreading soon to Mecca and Cairo by the 16th Century it diversified towards the roots of Middle East, South India Persia Turkey, Horn of Africa, Northern Africa, Coffee then spread to Balkan towards Italy and to the rest of Europe, South East Asia and America.

The term coffee entered the English language in 1582, via Dutch Koffiee, term borrowed from the Arabic Kahwah.

First Use of Coffee

In the 9th century Ethiopian Goat herder Kaldi, noticed the energizing effects of his flock after nibbling on the bright red berries of a certain bush. He roasted the beans to experience an aroma which enticed him to quickly ground and dilute it as a beverage.

Species and Varieties of Coffee

As with grapes for wine and hops for beer, coffee cherries come from a tree that has numerous species and varieties although only a few of these spread across the world new varieties are continually been cultivated. Arabica and Robusta are two types of coffee beans which evolve all across the world and their characteristics change with factors such as sunlight, rain fall, wind patterns, humid levels, altitude and latitude.

Specialty Sri Lankan coffee at Pages and Coffee and its ‘Purpose’

We at Pages and Coffee, use local coffee directly sourced from the Ceylon’s highlands of Kotmale and Walapane. Serving you the best of local specialty coffee brings us much happiness.

The coffee beans are harvested and crafted by the female farming communities of the hills. Sourced as an organic single origin coffee, these Arabica beans give you fruity notes to your palette. Every cup of coffee, a customer purchases, helps us to empower these women to support themselves and their families.

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