Interior Design Tips – by Gandhara

Create a floor plan

To bring out the best in any space, a floor plan is an ideal first step. It creates a visual of the room’s flow, and helps identify the furnishings and respective dimensions.

Mix old and new décor

Something very special about the blend of old and new. A mix of modern and antique pieces never go out of style; they belong together and elevate the character of any given space.

Sleek modern sofa paired with antique cupboards and signature mirrors. Location: The Postcard Galle, Interior solutions by Gandhara

Choose the right bulbs

Depending on the space, the lighting requirement could be anything from minimal track bars to lavish chandeliers. So, selecting the right bulb is very important, LED bulbs are energy efficient and they look great. We at Gandhara always opt for warm white light over bright white.

Wall and table lamp lighting both in warm white. Home Interior Solutions by Gandhara

Invest in specialty pieces

Signature pieces like fine art and fabulous antiques are equivalent to good wine; simply getting better with age. So as Chandos Epley once said, “It’s better to cry once and have a forever piece”, and we too recommend adding that special piece to fall completely in love with your space.

Location: Gandhara Store

Don’t under-estimate the power of paint

Be it the room walls or a piece of furniture, a vibrant ‘paint-over’ makes all the difference. This is a rather economical way of giving the space a completely fresh look, while going easy on your spending.

Location: The Postcard Galle. Interior Solutions by Gandhara.

Coffee tables are important

A coffee table must be selected carefully depending on the space; taking into account dimensions and aesthetic. In an open seating area, a well-proportioned coffee table could act as a statement piece; grounding the entire seating arrangement and giving a sense of place. Gandhara has a wide variety coffee tables ranging from textured and smooth wood, marble, metal and glass finishes.

Interior Solutions by Gandhara

Get inspiration from ancient buildings

Floor patterns in ancient buildings add so much character, and it could act as the signature feature of the space while all other furniture remain complementary. Imagine a checkerboard patterned marble floor bringing all that glory to a simple room, how marvelous!

Image courtesy:

Tall furniture create the illusion of higher ceilings

When furnishing spaces with low ceilings, we recommend using tall shelving units and cupboards. This in turn would make the ceiling seem much higher to the ground than it really is, creating the illusion of a larger room. Gandhara has an array of cupboards in Oak, Teak, Metal and Ratan in a multitude of colours.

Location: Gandhara Store

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

There is something warm and wholesome about adorning a wall with mirrors. Yet we risk creating a commercial ambience if not careful, by slapping large mirrors onto room walls. Gandhara has a collection of intricately patterned mirrors in several shapes and sizes, that could add oomph and elegance to most spaces.

Old ship windows converted to mirrors. Location. The Postcard Galle, Interior Solutions by Gandhara

Trust your intuition

And finally, trust your intuition. Listening to experts is always wise, but trusting your instinct is equally important. There is more than one right option, so best go with the option you are most content with. Olivia Erwin once said “Follow your gut. If you have to talk yourself into liking something, you probably don’t”, and we heartily agree.

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