Things to consider when selecting the perfect Rug – by Dhanak

Finding a home that is perfect in one’s eye, is everyone’s dream. However, this perfect home may have a floor that is stained, chipped or an awful color. Would you give up the home?

Certainly not! Dhanak has found after 12 years of experience, that a rug, be it oriental or contemporary, eases the pain of looking at the floor. It takes the focus away from the floor while adding interest to the area and demarking it. Art for the floor would be more apt a statement. There are three key factors we urge you to consider prior to making your purchase.


Colour or Pattern of a carpet is a critical focal point. Especially if other design elements like furniture, lighting and paint are already in place, those tones could be used to guide the carpet colour selection. If the space is predominantly light or shades of pastel, the rug could also be selected in similar shades. However if the rug is bold with a poignant pattern or colour, its best to place the rug first and select the other furniture and accessories based on the carpet.


Texture is a lesser recognized fact when it comes to rug purchasing, but it should not be. It is often missed in online shopping, but the fact is that well curated textures in a rug add much depth and layers to the overall design of a space. In a nutshell, one should look for pieces that contrast with the existing textiles.  If the space consists of smoother surfaces such as a leather, a full and fluffy rug in hand knitted wool would be ideal. This same principle should be followed for the smaller décor items like pillows and throws for a rich, layered feel.


Correct sizing is one aspect of a rug that cannot be compromised. Simply going with a rug, you absolutely adore in the wrong size will be doing injustice to the space, because an undersized rug will make a room feel small and awkward. As a rule, covering the seating area is the standard, but making sure at least the front legs of chairs are on the textile is a satisfactory arrangement. The orientation should be taken into account, because rectangular pieces fit rectangular spaces while square rooms look natural with square or round rugs. This may sound obvious but it’s easy to be tempted away from a proper sizing when falling for an attractive textile not available in the right dimensions.

We encourage our customers to place the rug in their homes and see how it looks when placed, this way the family could see what it looks like and make a more informed decision prior to purchase. While we talk of family, Dhanak ensures an anti-slip is placed if required, so that the elderly and children remain safe.

In the past buying rugs entailed visiting the store, while the new ‘normal’ is online or on WhatsApp. Dhanak services are personalized even then, so photos of the areas and the preferred colors are the only requirement, after which we could recommend the size and the style. Once you have narrowed down your choice we will send the rug to your residence, to see which one fits perfectly.

Maintaining a rug ensures longevity, so we do also undertake washing and repairs; taking the best care with over a decade of experience.

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